Elephant at the Castle Festival

Start date: 28th June 2019 - End date: 30th June 2019

Location: Mulgrave Castle, Lythe, Whitby

Eliza Carthy says, “It’s my mam’s 80th birthday next year, so we decided to move Normafest into the summer, next to a castle, and onto the back of a massive animatronic elephant. It’s gonna be a party and a half …”

Set in the stunning grounds of Mulgrave Castle this is the first time an event of this nature will have been held on this magnificent site overlooking  Sandsend & Whitby with onsite camping and parking.

There’s loads of work to do to make this happen, and we will have more detail for you in December (with tickets on sale from January), but you can REGISTER FOR EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT by emailing sue@elephantatthecastle.com saying how many tickets you are likely to want (no obligation at this point).