Musicport Festival

Welcome to one of the most unique & friendly festivals in the UK
FATEA AWARDS  - Indoor Festival Of The Year 2013
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2014 festival dates 17-19 October

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Piotr Pucylo

If you like our 2007 & 2008 poster and logo designs check out designer Piotr here.

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David Owen

Responsible for 2009 and 2010 poster as well as lots of designs for Sidmouth, Cambridge & FRoots.

Folk Against Fascism

Folk Against Fascism isn't a political party or a bureaucratic, top-heavy organisation. It is any and all who want to make people aware of the BNP's bigoted view of our history and culture, and who want to do something about it

Wold Top Brewery.

Thanks to Wold Top Brewery for supporting Musicport by providing locally brewed real ales for the artists - we know how much it is appreciated!