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2004 Festival

Musicport 04 was compelling on lots of levels .

From one of the last big band shows by the mighty Chumbawamba to the beautiful laid-back performance by Altan, the glorious music of Mory Kante and the crowd pleasing antics of The Peatbog Faeries & Baka Beyond.

Other highlights included the highly-charged Bob Brozman, the electrifying DuOud, the soul survivor Geno Washington, Black Umfolosi & defying the odds the very excellent and Yorkshire-based Demon Barber Roadshow

2004 Festival Full Line-Up

Mory Kante, Chumbawamba, Altan, Mabulu, Peatbog Faeries, Black Umfolosi, DuOuD, Baka Beyond, Soname, Bob Brozman, Banco De Gaia, Athena, The Demon Barber Roadshow, Rory Motion, The Angel Brothers, Fantazia, Fernhill, Martin Simpson, Martin Furey, Kissmet, Cloudbase, Rita Ray, Schalom Bakhshayesh, Taiko To Tabla, Nick Burman, Prego, Bireshwar Gautam, Alex Kirby, Quinteto Mambo Jambo, Martyn Joseph, Thai Music Circle, Geno Washington, The Kakatsitsi Drummers, Sleeping Dogz feat Wild Willy Barrett, Robert Maseko, Virginia McNaughton, Engeleka II, Modeste, The Shichiseikai, UK Chinese Ensembl